Consultation Services

Understanding the finances behind your business can be daunting, we counsel our companies in proper financial planning to ensure their future success. At Lotus Accounting we want to help you become as profitable as possible in your line of work.

While you focus on the daily running of your business, we will look at the numbers and consider how it could run in the future. We will then review our results with you and help you develop a comprehensive strategy for future success and profitability!

How can we help you

Financial Statement Analysis

With all of the coming and going, it is hard to keep exact track of the numbers and keep it all profitable. Sometimes a business can bring in a lot of money but still barely make a profit because their accounting is not organized enough to see where they are falling short in the revenue to profit spectrum. To ensure that your business stays profitable, let us help you! We also offer more in depth financial counseling should you want more help increasing your overall profit.

Minimize Costs & Increase Revenue

We will analyze your current expenses and where your profits come from, what percentage comes from what, etc. After an analysis of the numbers by our accounting professionals, we will make recommendations on specific ways your business can decrease costs and increase income.

Working with our customers

Financial knowledge is a powerful tool that all businesses need. In order for you to be armed with this tool and succeed in your trade, we prepare reports and meet with our clients to provide financial advice they can understand and initiate. Our reports and prepared and explained to upper management of your business so that your team is informed and well armed for your future success.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Our experts at Lotus Accounting will create projections by preparing annual budget/ monthly reforecasts for your business, incorporating historical results and future assumptions. Proper analytical review of the asset operations from a balance sheet will help you make the right decisions financially for your business.

Business Plan & Cash Flow

We will assist you to formulate and formalize a business plan. This is accomplished by way of mutual cooperation between the client and us. We will prepare realistic earnings and cash flow projections from your proposed ideas. Together we will meet with your banker or arrange contact with a bank if required.

Business Incorporation and Registration

We offer complete registration services for Sole Proprietorship’s, Partnerships & Corporations. We can help you make smart business decisions such as whether to incorporate or not, how to make sure your interest is deductible, benefits and drawbacks of payroll employees versus subcontractors for your business and more.We can even do the business registration or incorporation for you.